Pick your fork!

Awesome people, here is something that would be of your interest if you’re residing in Chennai and are looking for different options to spend your weekend, I have a good one scheduled next weekend that is 26th and 27th of February. And, forget not, this event is something that would challenge your taste buds because it is all about food. Interesting, isn’t it?
SuperChef Chennai 2016 it is! This is the fourth season though, regret not if you had missed any of those, this event would make it up to all.
About the event – The event is by Ladies Circle 28 who are collaborated with Round Table 94. Both are Non-profit organizations that engage in healthcare and Education. This event is actually a fundraiser to support the rehabilitation of Chennai Flood victims.
The event brings together amateur and semi-professional cooks who cook live and are judged accordingly. All these years, the event had 1500 participants with more than 5000 as audience.
Get ready to witness up to 35 food stalls and other non-food stalls, enjoy with your family and friends. An entry fee will be waived and also, the food will be sold through a centralized token system to regulate and avoid chaos.
Get set ready, for what you’ll experience are international cuisine, home cooked food, Local out of the box vendors, etc..
All righty folks! Let’s meet at the carnival, don’t forget to save the dates. Mark your calendar – 26th and 27th of February it is! To know more check their Facebook page.

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