Love Letter!

Oh My Apple Sauce,

A love letter to the guy whom I might meet or might not, though I started off writing a letter for my Ex, I have moved on enough to even write a letter. So let’s talk about us!

When we meet; I might open up narrating you how miserably my past relationship(s) failed. Have patience. And, I would listen to yours, am a good listener, I have been listening to a lot of stories since childhood. And, let that be our last discussion ever about each others’ past please! We will promise each other never ever and ever in our lives to talk about the past, anything that happened before us to each other will never matter to us. We should understand what road we walked by, to hold hands and walk, hence a small discussion about it. Till date, whenever I talk about my failed relationship to anyone, I cry. Hence, I never discuss or tell anyone about it. Though there are too many opinions and misjudgments around that give me a “Badass” and “Spoilt brat” tag, I preferred carrying it than to spill beans about what I have been through to people not worth it. And, those who know it really matter to me. When I meet you and tell you my past, I would not cry. I have made up my mind to roll my dice only when am through it.

I have always thought am not a marriage material; for even when friends around me getting married and having kids never disturb me. I have got things to do in my checklist and am sure by now; you would have got enough details on the internet about my social life. And, I also know, against all “She is pretty much social” analysis from your friends and “OMG she has 2000 friends on Facebook” from your sister didn’t matter to you, that you made your move. I appreciate that!

I am not a feminist; stay rest assured.

I will introduce people who matter a lot to me, please don’t be surprised because all are men, I don’t have girlfriends honey! I don’t have any. Oh maybe a two.

With the above 2 lines you could have made out what kind of a mess I am and how I confuse and worst of all confuse others thoroughly.

Did I tell you? I cook well. Really well, I love to cook. I see that you’re excited. Thanks!

Having to adjust and please a lot in my past, now I have reached a stage where even a slight of a disturbance would drive me crazy to eliminate people from my life. Too many to count my pie, the reason why I refrain from a relationship would be this. I hate easily; and once I do to bring me back to square one is a big deal. No, am not boasting!

I would chuck all my pillows from day one we start living. Am not broad minded to think of live-in relationships, so I consider us married by now to talk about this, It’s going to be a lot of together and hence I would trust you like a golden retriever. Please don’t cheat on me for am done with the worst betrayal.

I will be there for you when necessary, Let me paint a nice jar for us where if we unintentionally hurt each other, we would post a sticky note saying how it hurt for us to stop repeating it. Am sure I would pen a lot of note, please just read and throw them away, and ensure you don’t repeat. Don’t embarrass me by explaining it to me. I love you!

I am bad at finances; manage it please! Thank you.

I might not opt for having kids, please don’t ask me to until am ready for it. Would you mind if am never ready for it? I would prefer the two of us forever with a nice warm German Sheppard. Say yes nah!

I can’t please everyone in your family and you need not with mine, as I have never pleased them at all. I won’t miss my family either. Let us knit only us together without the family interfering. You can do all it takes for them and I might too when needed, don’t grease me and force me into it until and unless it is diwali.

I hate wearing saree, I can’t carry a saree, I will never wear a saree – don’t gift me one.

I would be happy if you don’t read book, I would be more than happy if you have a unique collection of books. I won’t force my favorite books on you and so should you. Separate book shelves? Done deal, muahhhh!

I prefer cooking a meal together than a fancy dinner, but I would prefer one, say once in every three months?

Don’t choose my clothes, I hate it. Let me choose what I want and I will choose yours too. Sorry about that, I dominate here!

I would let you admire other woman unless you don’t ogle pathetically, by now you would very well know that any “Tall-built-relatively fair” guy will gain my attention at ease. Nudge me not!

I am not a freak about fitness, if you are; please don’t bother me unless you need a cup of green tea.

Whenever I ask you “Honey! How I look?” please look into my eyes and you would find an answer there.

Will you bear with this narcissist, cuteness loaded female with no or less opinion about anything in this world? Will you just pick my call whenever I want to talk to you and text me when free?

Let’s be light on this relationship; don’t promise me a forever or an always.

I won’t suffocate you with love; let me know if you want me to be. I would prefer to be a good book to read when you’re traveling, I prefer being your coffee when all that you need is one, I prefer being the friend to whom you want to talk. And to me, I want you to be my sounding board, forever.

Am bad with PDA, I would not kiss or hug in public. I don’t want you to do too. Bear with me!

Love you! Let’s be crazy!


This post is written to participate in the “Write a love letter campaign by Chennai Bloggers Club


5 thoughts on “Love Letter!

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  2. I wish everyone who intends to get into a relation was this clear about their opinions. But trust me, you are not going to be as difficult as you sound, in your real life for your prince. Clarity of thoughts within oneself can overtake most hurdles in relationship. You have it abundant in you 🙂


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