Make It 2 – Quotes to remember!

Few books change our lives, A few books makes us think deep, a few books teach us a lesson and a few books reflects us.
One of my best reads this year is Make It 2 by debutant Sharada Subramanian. Read my review here. I am dedicating this blog post to the bold and beautiful Sharada. Am sure you’ll love the book too, so grab a copy from amazon and the author is also famous for her Tiny Tales, have a look.
Here you go! my favorite quotes and lines from her book Make it 2.
Because this novel shows the true color of a woman 🙂 This gen girls are broadminded and open, we don’t shy away. When we feel like kissing, we do.
Yes! We are all..!
How many travel with you everyday?
4 Beer talking
Oh yeah! the beer and the vodka talks 😉
5 intimacy
6 history
It is important to chase a few, to move on right? Move On! 🙂
7 pimp
Kickass quote. Don’t instruct her on what she should wear, she knows it all buddy!
8 single
That’s a cute conversation, right?
9 complicated
Among those who call themselves complicated. Here is the one who calls her simple! ❤
Who crossed your mind? 😉 11 died a lil
You remember the last time you died a bit?
Bought your copy yet? 😉

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