A ride to remember!

Those who are working on the OMR road would have definitely heard about this guy named Annadurai. As most of us commute using the share auto, this guy started off something really nice for the commuters. It was my mom who told about to me, and yesterday was my lucky day to meet this guy.
It was raining, and I left office by 7:30 PM, as the autos were all covered with sheets to avoid the drizzle. I was skeptical, but I had to reach home on time. The minute I boarded, it took me a few minutes to understand that I have alighted the only auto that has wi-fi enabled, has magazines to read, a Samsung tablet to surf and it’s not just that.

He also explained that he will post two questions and if answered right, he will slash rates. He asked me if I know the equivalent Tamil terms for Auto and Coffee. I did answer one, Coffee is kuzhambi in Tamil (For those who don’t know) and he slashed 5 INR when I paid him.
He keeps talking to every customer, and interestingly when one guy said he is from ‘XXX’ company, the auto driver asked ‘Do you know Mr.XYZ?’ Passenger replied No, he said ‘Oh Man, he is your CEO,’
He ensures to talk proper Tamil, Butler English, and broken Hindi, in return he takes away laughter and smile from the passengers, not just money.
His interviews on various channels keep scrolling in his Mini TV and yet another post that caught my eyes read ‘Free for Teachers.’
One best thing I noticed was that, even those who didn’t respond to all his questions, was keen enough to hear all that he talks. None of us used our headsets while traveling which is quite common.
Kudos to his good work!

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