The Withering Banyan – Hyma Goparaju

A well-written story that is based on family subject. A strong family bonding that departs and the emotional roller coaster that the whole family tree is pushed to, is completely captured without a glitch. My take on the book is as follows:

First Impression – The book that is titled right and the cover of the book is apt, no second thoughts on both. The book is more than the normal size of a novel that I expected.

Overall Impression – The book is perfumed with vocabulary. The words are hand-picked, which does makes room to pick your mobile to check the meaning. Though I loved to learn new words and their meanings, it did put me off with the frequency. The book reminds me few family based movies of old days.
The novel starts from good-old days’ related timeline, and any person would go back lingering their ages. Youngsters would definitely think of their grandparents and the stories of that they have heard.
It is completely Indianized and the flavor is carried throughout the book diligently. The society of India, The way details are dealt is powerful, the book is slow in a manner – maybe, it is because of the length that makes the reader to skim instead of reading at some portions of it.

My ratings: 3/5
Wow factor: 1) Best choice of words 2) The theme
Frown factor: 1) The length of the book 2) Few parts that were boring


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