I would love to share an incident that just happened months back. It was March 30TH, it was around 12:00 in the night. The next day was my sister’s birthday and she was busy over the phone with her friends wishing her. I just finished a call or rather let me call it a fight with my boyfriend and was about to sleep. I tucked myself in my bed spread and lied down straight, leaving my phone with the charger.

In a few minutes, I heard a voice shouting “Help me” and I was alarmed. So I just woke up, with great efforts, since I usually don’t do it. I tip-toed and walked past my room, my mom was in the mattress right next to my bed with a leg space to walk, she was in deep sleep witnessed by a frightening snore.

I tip-toed and walked past the room, I slightly opened the door. I saw two lizards romantically approaching each other, while they wailed their tails in unison. Once my shadow fell over, one frantically rushed away while the other gave a deep stare at me, possibly cursing me for the interruption. I suppose it’s the male lizard that stared (don’t ask me how I found). At the very stare, I backed off and shut the door, I decided not to move forward, and sat on my bed again reverting the tip-toe to the bed.

I heard “Kavi help me,” in plural, which means there are many in number that needs my help. I decided to call my boyfriend and ask him his opinion. He said, “Kavi, a big fat NO,” and cut the call. As usual, I do the contradictory of what he says, so I picked myself all again and walked past the door, tip-toeing again. I crossed the door with pin drop silence, and walked towards the voice.

“Faster, it’s cold in here, Kavi,” I heard again. I was almost there, so I said “I am here, but I don’t see any of you,” they replied that they are an arm away. I let go my clenched fingers, and with trembles it reached a hand-shake. It took a pull, and I met them all. They were 8 in number, and I cherished the moment of saving a few from a freezing death.

The moment I saw them, the beast in me woke. I took turns, and killed them all one by one with no mercy or courtesy. It was sheer blood shed with every kill. I didn’t mind, because it was the beast in me that killed but not myself.

Once done, I came back to my senses and I was all worried if I would get caught. I can’t convince any of them, that the beast in me is such a fierce driven animal. I couldn’t switch on the lights, as it would disturb my sister who is still talking to her folks, and my mom who is sleeping tight. So with no other choice, I went back to sleep.

I left a WhatsApp text to my boyfriend that I did the exact opposite of what he told, to ensure we have something to fight about, the next day.

The alarm freaked with my ringtone, and my mom snoozed it. Though disturbed, all I did was to roll back and inched myself closer to the pillow. All of a sudden, frantically, I was shook enough to wake up. I had no clue, but I just woke and sat like a doll. My sister was dressed in her birthday suit, she looked really pretty, and I smiled and I was about to wish her. But, the anger she portrayed made me reluctant. Without saying a word, I was pulled over, to the kitchen, near the fridge, where the bloodshed of the Gulab Jamun’s sugar syrup was shed due to my Night Eating Syndrome that am fighting on.

I smiled in embarrassment while my mom started her gyan, and I tip-toed back to my room to shut my eyes and sleep.

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