I swapped a memory; did you?

Life as such is the best journey; there are good days and bad days; few good old days that make one smile and few real cherished memories that lingers in the mind. There are very cute days that are clasped so tight; but sometimes the same old beautiful day becomes “I must forget this damn day

Love does everything to one; it makes you better, brings the best out of you, adds laughter, subtracts worries, multiplies sweetness and most often it divides one into pieces when things fall apart. Yes, when a beautiful chapter ends; mostly because time show that certain things are not meant to be the way it was perceived.

Once February 14th was the best memory I ever had; It was moreover a celebration; but time ruptured and it was no longer a good one to think about. But, no February 14th, would go unnoticed. I used to panic when the day tries to flood me with memories; I have experienced days when I would sit with eyes shut tight and my palms closing the doors from anyone noticing my facial reactions. I would merry-go-round the memories that once was best; followed by how it turned worst and say “Phew

I didn’t want to feel the same any longer; I wanted to change and I wanted to get out of those thoughts because of my stupid times when I felt days were special.

Then; I started swapping; yes, I made sure or rather something just happens on the very same day which would swap the memory with something better!

Yesterday was one such day; June 12th was supposed to be a damn memory which would rip me apart; I swapped the memory; I chilled out with my best set of folks who bring out the best in me and the same is lingering in my mind and it would always be!

Whenever you face such days; give it a change; get out of your nutshell and ensure you do something that makes you happy.

Happy weekend folks!

Keep calm and swap on!


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