“Because, he smiled with enchantment,” my father said

I don’t spend much time with my father, as both of us are occupied with our own chores. We do share at an in-depth relationship, which my mom notices and envies totally.

He gives me a ride to the railway station, so hardly, it is just a five minutes drive, where we talk the “sweet nothings”

Am so used, that I admire him a lot in silence and he, as always, ensures, to be simple as always.

On our way, there was an old lady, with a hunchback, in the corner of the road, who doesn’t demand, cry, or urge, but stands quiet and blesses the one who drops a coin or two. I seldom notice, but my dad does, as his office is also around the same area.

There was a mini-van passing by, and the van was deliberately stopped in the middle of the four-way road. As the driver wanted to drop a few coins to the lady. As we were nearing, All I could hear was horns, but the driver was stubborn to drop the coins regardless of the horns. The lady, with great efforts, tried to near him. That’s when my dad intruded, picked those coins from him and dropped in the poor lady’s hand and signaled him to swiftly move the van. The moment I turned to look at him, all I witnessed was a sheer dash of happiness and a broad smile.

“You know what? The lady is all normal. I have seen her walking straight, and having a good dinner, near the office,” my dad said.

The very second, my face turned like the “OMG” smiley you all see in the smartphones these days. It was such a shock to me.

“But, why..” I started my question. As I always do.

“Because, I wanted to acknowledge the efforts of the driver, because, he smiled with enchantment, soon after the deed,” he said.

I am neither against nor for, for what my dad did, because as a person who gets startled by cheating or lying, I first take steps to rip them apart.

There has always been a constant tantrum, on this. But, I just liked my dad’s thought process and felt like sharing it.


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