The Afterall life!

I titled it so, because, that was the only phrase which I could relate to!

This was a piece of draft, sent by a friend who wanted to share this to the world entitling it as “The common man”

Here you go!

Looks like a friend of his was walking past a company, and overheard a conversation between the security and an old man, who would oddly be around 65 plus. When approached, he explained his pathetic situation, where he was chased from his place by his relatives and he moved in to Chennai along with his wife.

With no place to go, they were living in CMBT for a month which led to his wife’s sickness. with nowhere to go, all he could afford was an admission in the government hospital, where she spend the next one month. Doctors compelled to discharge and one such gentleman handed over a 500 INR leaf to the old man, with an advice to switch her over to the general hospital near Central.

Things changed and the old man bagged a job, since he had a driving license, he was employed as a driver, he conveyed the same to this guy who wanted to help in someway. Still, he didn’t have a home to live, which bothered him and also, sparked that a job as a watchman or security guard, would help him gain shelter for the sick wife.

It took some two weeks, for this guy to revery and eventually, he called this old man and was shocked to hear that he is no longer alive. He died in a car accident, leaving his wife with few words that she won’t be left alone. This freaked the guy, and he approached my friend for help. Arrangements started to move her into an old-age home.

My friend had to visit her, and tentatively she signed-in at a small slum near Arumbakkam, with a card-board built home.

A relative visited to give some money, but stood reluctant to take ownership of this lady and left as such.

The old man’s body was buried without any final funeral formalities.

Right now, she lives with their son, who just got a job in TVS and is right now, trying to get back to a normal living.

The folks, who wanted to help them, eventually paid for their provisions and walked back home with silent prayers for their well-being.


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