It’s cold in here, it’s cold in here,
Anybody out there!
Hard stones around and few bars as well,
why is it so hard to pop out?

Let me, rest for a while, but something grows out of me, oh man!
Okay, yeah, these masses give me some space to come out, thanks mate!
Wow! Fresh air and some sunshine too, that’s warm.
Do I smell something odd, why?

Ha, what’s that noise? Errrr!!
Ouch! Someone threw a crumpled coffee cup on me and here comes a banana peel. So rude I say – blind fellas, look for a dustbin.

Again, why do I hear this strange sound? Whatsup with you guys? Am outraged!
Am craving now, do you mind pouring some water? Nooo? Noo huh? It doesn’t burn your wallet though! Okay, I will adjust.
I ammm growwwingg… I have few limbs and fins, cute kernels and nostrils! Yippee… see am rising without your help folks!

Ha ha, now I am used to your bothersome vibration, I don’t care!
hey hard rocks, let’s befriend, I am a tiny little crop, somehow I endured originating in this railway track, see am green!
None waters me, but the rain does.
None feeds me, but the Sun does, It’s amazing to grow without an expert’s help.
I don’t have a nice little pot, but yes, I love this growth in the antonym way!
Thanks for supplementing dear odds!

Okay, Thanks, dear train! Special remarks to you too.
Love you all – Small little cropping crop at the railway track.


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