Clinging to them? let’s redirect for better

Heya how was 2014? 🙂 here we go! the last post of 2014 from Preethi Nakshatra!

I wish you all a wonderful 2015 and yes; my new year starts with plenty of new explorations!  I will keep you all updated slowly! 🙂

Here we go, a good post which would enlighten you instantly!

I had a good trip recently with my mom and dad; we were travelling to a pilgrim spot about 40KMS from Chennai. As we were progressing, a garbage van entered from elsewhere, and we had to follow it since the road was narrow.

Since the garbage van was open, we sensed stinks, and it was an ‘errrr’ experience. It was the same with other co-vehicles, we had to slow down and stop, for the van to pass. We then accelerated to reach our destination.

Likewise, we do get through the same experience in life, with those whom we date, or it can be our boss. Sometimes, it can be our better half. Is it fair enough to cling to the person and still encounter the stink for the rest of the days?

This new year, take a vow, if you sense that a person is a ‘Garbage Van’, slow down and stop.

Have a positive year ahead! 🙂 See you all next year!

Preethi Nakshatra


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