How about ignoring?


Just that i boarded a train by noon, tiring – exhausted – thirsty, whatnot?

As soon as I entered, it was squeezing crowd up front! People don’t care a damn to move in! I just settled somewhere, where a Bindass lady who wanted to get down came streaking out the crowd.

When she found a young gal in front, all that the lady did was to blast her for holding a big backpack. Though this girl moved a bit, the lady was obsessed and kept blasting her until she stepped down by train!

The young girl just turned mute!

This happens most of the time with us, where few of them bounce with tiny issues as if it’s the end of the world. What would have happened if the girl wanted to quarrel back? – It would have been a tough fight for sure!

When she ignored – she invited peace 🙂 though she was bombarded with words like “are you deaf?”, “can’t you talk?”, “why are you standing here” – she dint care a damn!

Each of us have our own issues and lifestyle, take a stand to ignore petty quarrels that would pull your level down! Raise your bars! Feel relived..! It doesn’t really mean that you are stubborn or headstrong! Just that you are not ready to involve in any chao.

Choose your troubles 🙂 Just ignore the unnecessary 🙂

Keep traveling 🙂



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