What after this?

Life keeps going and the going keeps life..!

There’s always been a next for anything and everything! Being born- getting raised in a school – growing with a degree- getting first salary- shifting jobs-married-kids-ageing and finally falling dead

What a cycle! Is it so easy? There has always been a time that gives a great punch! Even when you want to swim out of the storm, it keeps swirling to keep intact! Its very difficult to come out that pulling storm – once you’re through! You’ve been through the most tougher part of life..!

Don’t ever feel stuck and sick when a question pops up stating “What next?” Or ” whats gonna happen next?”

After all its life, when is pushes you in something to get you tear the innocence and bubble up a good experience! It really knows what to give you next!

Go for all that you can, try everything you could do – life will turn and change!!!

Stop questioning what next and move on with one step each – a fat big mountain of success would be waiting right out there to freshen you up..!!

Keep going, just keep going!


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