There are 2 kinds of people in the world..!

One buys the goat, cuts it for their meal – alright that’s why God made grass, for the goat and the goat for humans! Job-Done-Neat.

There are another set of people out there..! they buy nice new goat. Give it great treatment in terms of food.. yeah! they give it all nice yum food to eat well and stay healthy. The Goat out there feels really very happy that it has got a nice owner. It eats them all, grows fat and enjoys the royal treatment. It feels like it wears an invisible crown over its head. Then comes a day, that the owner cuts them too..! It dies bleeding with the understanding that it was raised so well so that they get good meat..!

Don’t we meet similar bosses or a better-half or a friend like that..!

Those who makes us feel soooooo good. Makes us feel much better and gives us that invisible tiara.
When you are ignorant, you fall a prey. you don’t really understand why you are treated well, all you understand is that – you’re being lovedddddd…! when they slaughter, there you get your ignorance torn away..!

Be-ware of those who give you that invisible tiara.! its just for slaughtering you later..

Keep smiling,


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