Dreams and disappointments :)

Dreams – all of us own one like a phone.!

We have all been dreaming of a good career, going abroad, holding hands of the one you love, having a cute kid..!

Mostly dreams are followed by disappointments..! not all of us are working the way we wanted to be.. all love stories don’t have a happy ending..! we get through lot of sh*t in life..! a lot more than any can imagine..

all the days look the same, change doesn’t change.. its like we have a cute path in my heart and mind that our life should go through.! we hit a small mountain, that demands you to curve and bend to move ahead.. we get through few curves.. very few curves hits us hard enough, forces a life change, most of us fall a prey to this situation.. being disappointed with life, stay away a minute and think what disappoints you..! its the map in your mind which dint route you the way you want to..!

All of us go through some sort of storm, it is to make us a better person..! crying over the same and pleading “why this happened to me?” is of no help..! be a learned.. face life.. understand it is to shape you.. make sure you learn out of it.. cry a river and build a bridge.. life is a lot better when you smile and think wise..!

Don’t fall for disappointments.. it is a way of life.. Learn from it and let go..

Keep reading,

Preethi 🙂


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