Whatsapp πŸ“²

As Rini was getting a nice coffee for her brother who visited after four months of her wedding.

All excited and explaining how her life has been, what a fantastic honeymoon she had and how sweet is her husband.

She heard a cute tone, which she assigned for her WhatsApp on the iPhone that her husband presented on the day they got married.

Message from her friend that greeted “how are you? Been a long time?” She asked her brother to reply a “fine, thanks” as she was busy taking back the cups to the sink.

As she headed to wear his shoes, Rini picked his helmet and bided goodbye. He stepped down the third stair; he turned and told “Rini, I observed no happy smileys in your recently used smiley list when I replied your friend. I sense something is wrong, please take care, and I know you will.”

Rini went blank with a zipped lip as the one of her last used smiley list.


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