Half-girlfriend : not a review, just sharing my thoughts!

Chetan Bhagat : versatile Indian author

What makes one buy a copy of his book? – its simple english, he makes me use my dictionary less. Realistic, he brings cute smiles here and there. Most importantly, he makes me turn the next page.!

The one thing many unsuccessful authors do, is that, their writing does not hit the reader hard enough to make them turn the next page..!

Well CB is good at it, especially his first 50-100 pages.. Whoa, he makes the best first few chapters..! This is his secret mantra

This book brings into light the struggle anyone from a village faces in terms of the dominating language : English, he underlines the importance of schools in villages

The book was heartwarming and urges one to flip the next page for the first 100 pages..! Then in lacks control and falls a deep dive.. Picks up here and there..!! Just ends as it is..!

Anyways, the book is a hit.! U like him or no, u r an avid reader or not, u just buy one of his book..!

Keep reading,


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