3 girls, 2 bikes and 1 destination

A trip after a long time 🙂

3 dare devils..! One avid adventure lover who dares every act, boisterous and lives like a droplet over lotus leaf. One dolling up every-time, fearing and plan checker who takes enough care about every detail. One who needs a good break from a normal life, seeking “me time”..!

Its not about where you go, its about whom you go with..! Choose your pals carefully..! You will enjoy the trip even if it ended up nowhere and strikes many unseen and undone in the to-do-list

We chose each other and it was worth it. Pitch dark place with no street lights, Hairpin bends, the tiny yellow light that covers 2 foots from the bike and the dolly figiting google maps for the route, chill breeze kissing all the way..! If you haven’t had one such trip in life, you are just not living but surviving..!

Getting the damn out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself into an experience lets you emerge out as a person whom you were never before.

Make different choices, take a different route, life is once-choose to live it well with good trips to turn back and smile on after years..!


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