Missing something..!.?..!.?

Hi aunty, am tina, hope u remember me.. Am moving to bangalore as part of my current project and the very thought reminded diya, can i have her address? I will meet her there.!

As aunty recited the address, tina noted it using her smart phone’s post it application.

Excited diya prepared veg pulav, raitha ,Veg manchurian balls and egg as she is aware that tina is a eggitarian..! She kept the home clean and shared all good moments she has had with tina to her kid as she brought each dish to the dining table πŸ™‚

Diya went downstairs to pick tina as she gave a missed call soon after arriving, she was astonished to see changes in her in every way and escalated explaining her 4 days spent in bangalore so far.!

The scent of jasmine from air wick welcomed her in..! Admiring the tweety in door mat she unbuckled her shoes and left in the third slate of the shoe rack..! Freshly moped tiles reflected her face.! To avoid the blunt shock of seeing her middle class friend living a luxurious life, she smiled and kept pace on her visit to bangalore., as she sat in the bean bag..! She told diya..! “Beautiful home yaar.! Looks like you live in such a posh area and fab things around” nice to see u so, she smiled..! πŸ™‚ “You would not be missing anything out of your spinster life nah diya..!” Though i understand that you miss your family, right?

Diya sherked as she told ” I have something that i really really miss tina”

“Haan.? And whats that.?” Was the puzzle tina threw

“My life itself” Diya smiled as she pour the cranberry juice in the posh glass for tina



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