Hold on or Move on ..!

Relationships these days πŸ™‚

In a span of about 20 years, we observe lots of changes in the society and its view on relationships..!

When we ponder on why is it so..!

  • Girls are now fond of gaining a degree or a master and use it enough to make money
  • Matured decisions rather than blindly following their parents
  • This generation is open to discussion and conversations
  • Most importantly, they use google wisely πŸ˜‰

Most ofΒ the older generations had a high level of toleration – They were ready to hold on and keep moving with any issue that comes across life..! Yes they dint love each other rather just tolerated, tolerating and will further tolerate forever..!

This generation is far better to think well and decide on their own..! Mostly they are not ready to tolerate any bullshit because they are financially independent..! the tag that helps them to check-in and check-out doesn’t just let them in their 3 or 4 lettered organization but also gives them the confidence to “check-out” from the relationship..!

  • Strong sense of conversation has developed..! I have observed women stayed quiet when abused..! Well, now its all text conversation..! Whatsapp helps a lot in breaking up rather than otherwise πŸ™‚
  • Feelings have lessened for the good..! no more suicides, being deserted or turning a drug-addict..! Its more of “Ok, whoz next.?” πŸ˜‰
  • Sex has become a game..! Oh virginity is just a lack of opportunity ..
  • Betrayal, cheating, hurt, and every other “deadly disease” doesn’t really push limits..! “you ain’t loyal, buh byeeeee”

Less emotions..! less detachment..! Taking “it” easily..! To an extent, it makes life easier πŸ™‚ Whatever, love is eternal. Make sure you fall really in love with someone πŸ™‚

Keep loving,



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