One after the other, red roses and white jasmines, spindled well, tied tight, arranged together to make it look right.. hung in a nail, freshened time to time with a dash of water., spreading nice smell and aroma throughout. Small and big, next to each other.. colors, flowers, nice aroma throughout was the garland shop..!

Few orders a day, salesĀ every hour,Ā bargains every minute, ties and knots every second.! dawn to dusk.. from fresh flowers to frowned flowers.. Ā was the garland shop..!

There rushed a man, with smile in his face, ahaam looks like his birthday..! soft-spoken guy, winked at the kid.. bought a nice garland with sweet greeting and no bargain.. heading towards the small cute temple.. nice start felt the shop-keeper.. happy about his garland shop..!

Another rushed with a lot of pain in his eyes, feeling about one loss of life..! with no further bargain bought one garland to sign good bye to the soul that left Earth..! part of his everyday sale, thus was theĀ garland shop..!

Every flower blooms and falls dead the sameĀ day..!Ā its the destiny of the flower to liveĀ its one day life eitherĀ on the creator’s shoulders or on the lifeless thing..! Its destiny that decides..! its destiny that survives šŸ™‚

Keep flowering,



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