iPhone πŸ“±

Whats the myth about having an iPhone? why are people around so crazy..! Reviews! Reviews! Everywhere..

Android vs iOS .. Blah.! Blah..! Blah..!

Talks on its worth and why its not.? Omgggg 65000 INR and how well one can spend those 65k otherwise 😝competing and comparing with all other smart phones that costs way too less than those without the alphabet ‘i’ what makes it special.! What makes few go crazy over it.?

The number one gadget one orders when a known friend cmes from US is an iPhone πŸ™‚

Processor, apps, security..!! Woohooo..!

Enough enough enough..! iPhone makes things simple πŸ™‚ it has everything one needs and makes one forgets the need of buying another phone just because its months old πŸ™‚ i love my iPhone because it kept one bigggg fullstop for the phone craze and my grazings over websites to find one phone πŸ™‚

preethi πŸ™‚


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