Happiness <3 :)

Does the very word makes u feel delighted? If your answer is No.. Its high time to just deal with it 😉

  • Just make your happiness the priority! yes! the only thing that matters is YOU..! never mind just be selfish..huh.. 🙂
  • Its just enough to keep grudging over along with friends who care for you..! Take a break, talk to people who just don’t know you..! Take a trip with those who are happy by themselves..! pat yourself..
  • Find the silver lining..! any issue is gonna bring something good 🙂 just seek that.. All that matters is how well you lived 🙂
  • Dont care about your yesterday..!
  • Face any issue that comes up to you..! Solve them right away..! Move on..! 🙂
  • Love and feel loved..! love yourself more than anything/anyone else..

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