How to make a big deal as a No-big deal ;)

Be friendly! yes, be friendly with yourself, be your own best pal first 🙂 Just like a small accident that hits us hard physically, we heal as time goes..! do we grudge on why were we hit? time heals! pain heals! we turn normal, the scan doesn’t pain anymore..! is that the same with when we are into heart breaks? why does it change the whole perspective of our life?

The main issue is within us! why do we take life seriously..! after all YOLO 😉

When you begin to see life from the point of view that everything is spontaneously arising and that things aren’t “coming at you” or “trying to attack you,” you will feel free 🙂

Don’t take a close look on any issue that hits your life on its way, see it smaller! feel its small..! Get rid of it 🙂 Life is no big deal.. !

Live life Kind Size 🙂


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