Dropped in water..!

Paulo coelho – one of the best writer I have admired so far, who gave me hints on my unanswered question indirectly many a times! When i was totally confused about the direction my life is heading towards and my inability to reverse or change my course..! He answered me through his book “adultery”

Life is much like a leaf, once it falls on  stream of water that has its own terms and directions, there you go..! Nothing can change! All the leaf can do is to travel through along with the water stream.. No way out..

Similarly, most of us get stuck when we fall on a water stream..! In most of the cases, we are not aware about the direction the water stream is heading to..! All we can do is to hold on to our faith..! Trust our journey and keep moving..! Because “future” is merely our own thoughts and it just doesn’t exist..! Trust, have faith and smile through..!! 🙂


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