When she held ma finger!

First post!

Yippee, thrilled! Still having a tight face to hide my excitement!

Now that i clicked “write post” sharp at 4 A.M in the morning, oh yeah i spelled it right “A.M”.. Just the very thought of first post, brought thid random thought about a kid..!

That was during one of my flight from chennai to Dubai, when i was about to get out of my flight, i saw this kid, just lifting her hand up to her maximum effortless height she can and surfing through any hold..! She caught my finger. She dint give a damn about who I was, dint care a f*** to look up at my face. She kept moving forward, she held my finger so tight that my finger started sweating..! Tight hold huh..


That’s how most of us are..! May be, sometimes, we are pushed to a situation where we search for something to hold..! Yes just to hold..! Be it anything! We hold it so tight to move ahead it life..! Why life always needs a hold?!?!

random thought! But feels like a perfect start! No i dint want that to end with a rhyme but it just did 😛





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